Patient pathway

Orthodontic treatment requires significant commitment from the patient and it is vital that they are as committed to the treatment as the orthodontist. The following provides an outline of how a simple treatment may work:

Initial Consultation

During this session the patient will be asked what they wish to achieve and a brief patient medical history will be taken. The orthodontist will conduct a visual clinical assessment and explain the possible treatment options that are available, along with an indication of the costs and payment options. There is no commitment at this stage and the prospective patient is free to ask any questions they may have.

Patient Enrolment

If the patient decides to go ahead with treatment then a full clinical assessment will be conducted, including collection of clinical photographs, dental impressions for study models and radiographs. This will allow the orthodontist to refine the treatment options and costs which will then be agreed and finalised with the patient.


An average orthodontic treatment takes between 18 and 24 months, but this is dependent on the complexity of the case. The treatment plan will be reviewed throughout to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved, and everything will be fully explained to the patient at each stage.

On completion of treatment, the patient will be fitted with retainers. These are either fixed or removable braces that ensure the final position of the teeth is maintained. If the retainers are not worn or maintained, this can lead to the teeth returning to their original position.


  • Now offering direct access hygienist service +


    Inspire Orthodontics is please to offer a direct access hygienist service starting in August 2020.


    To keep our teeth in position our gums need to be healthy to anchor them in place.


    You can book an oral hygiene session directly with our hygienist. 

    Please email the practice on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your appointment.


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  • Quick Fix Braces +

    The Guardian newspaper ran an article by the British Orthodontic Society in the 23rd February 2013 edition.

    The article, entitled, Considering straightening your teeth? Don’t be misled by the promise of a quick fix, addresses the British Orthodontic Society concerns, following a growing number or reports from patients who are dissatisfied with the results of treatments used by some cosmetic dentists to straighten teeth.

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  • Free initial consultations +

    Inspire Orthodontics offer free initial consultations. There is no commitment and no charge, so come and have an informal discussion with our Consultant Orthodontist about your teeth and the possible treatment options.

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